Abstract Painting commission

Abstract Painting commission
Abstract Painting Commission

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thank You!

I was delighted to do some thank you cards by letterpress for Mr & Mrs Salter! After a fab and stylish wedding in September the happy couple sent me some artwork for the cards to match their invitations. I had a plate made by Metallic Elephant who were amazingly helpful and then I printed up the cards by hand on the Adana.

I can't say it was all smooth
running! Old and new mix beautifully but in the case of printing with an old fashioned machine and using modern artwork, designed on a computer there was bound to be some tweaking needed! And so I tweaked and tweaked and eventually we picked a card, achieved some indentation and mixed up the right colour (with a bit more tweaking). I think I'm the queen or colour matching having spent a few days receiving tuition by mistress of colour, Op Artist Bridget Riley as a student and we got quite a nice
and very hand-produced effect in the end, very Vintage to go with the theme of the wedding!

Painting Exhibition dates March 2011

Great News! I've been given a 2 week long exhibition slot at the LCB Depot Exhibition Space on Rutland Street Leicester! The dates are 16th - 31st March so drop by and come and see my paintings on display! Further information on the PRIVATE VIEW dates is to follow, happy days!