Abstract Painting commission

Abstract Painting commission
Abstract Painting Commission

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Paintings for presenting properties

Paintings are for people - but sometimes they are for projects too. If you've ever watched much of Sarah Beeny's Selling Houses, Phil Spencer's Secret Agent or, like me have watched enough of Location Location Location, Grand Designs, or George Clarke's Amazing Spaces to almost turn yourself into an interior designer, they all have in common that to sell a house you have to either present it to look like a (lived in) show home or place carefully selected items in key places to design the space and set it off. 

Property developers know this and they have been doing it for years. In a previous life I lived in a world of design and beautiful furniture and to my advantage I had opportunities to play the interior designer. The paintings in this blog post were all created specifically for a commercial show flat project.

Having specified the furniture and planned the use of the space I created a comprehensive selection of paintings to show off the show flat too. As you can see from the finished result, it would have been hard to create a homely yet modern environment without the paintings to add depth, character and colour to otherwise flat cream walls and space - so the neutrality was brought to life with complementary and easy-going colours that made the space feel like a home.

Adding a little style and focus to the space really set off the furniture and the living areas and having the paintings made to the correct scale and to compliment specific walls and configurations of furniture really made if look and feel as though the buyer could recreate the space too. The balance of 'I can live here' versus design of the space is what really sets the standard in house-selling - make your space look both aspirational and achievable and not only will you want to live in it, but others will too. Commissioning a painting might just be the most exciting thing you have ever done.