Abstract Painting commission

Abstract Painting commission
Abstract Painting Commission

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Styling your home up with contemporary affordable art

I love interior design, furniture and clean, contemporary spaces, I've got a collection of Elle Decoration, Wallpaper* and Living Etc Magazines going back at least 15 years stashed away in the cupboard with post its sticking out for interiors I was going to have in my house one day (and I'm pretending they aren't there so my husband doesn't question them and point at the recycling).

I also love a hint of the shabby and vintage thrown in with the 'design classics' - although I have a strange way of combining it with neons and geometrics - you'll see what I mean with the next batch of photos of new paintings I'm about to post up over the coming few days. Watch this space.

So I thought I'd pull together some of the paintings I've currently got for sale that would go with a brights and neutrals colour scheme into one blog post to give you ideas for paintings that could be used to accessorise a space either through propping with other accessories, or that can be hung to pull in some colour to your interior.

Yellows and greys

An absolute favourite together, the bright yellow is so warm and sunny against any shade of grey, it adds some fun. I'm also a bit of a fan of grey on grey as there's so much warmth - a grey can be purple based or yellow based which you can see in the second image of the grey painting.

Grey and Yellow Abstract Painting
Grey and Yellow Abstract

Grey Abstract painting
Abstract Grey painting
Reds and pinks

The first painting here of course is yellow based but the lines in red and pink are picking out the brights in smaller quantities - imagine this on a grey wall - the yellow is the big splash of bright and then the pink and red in a much lower quantity are an accent, almost like the way in which brights are used as an edging to some of these neon items. On the pink painting they grey pulls out the neutral background.

It might be worth mentioning at this point that these paintings were not influenced by the Pinterest board and that they were done some time before Pinterest came into being.. just in case you were wondering!

Yellow pink and red painting
Yellow Pink and Red painting

Pink Pink Grey painting

You're getting the gist by now - in the multicoloured paintings there are several colours to work with but they look really fruity against neutrals, which I think helps to make the painting surface really look as tasty and plastic as it is. I can't help thinking about Tutti Frutti sweets.

Untitled Abstract Painting
Abstract Untitled 1

grey and ivory diptych abstract painting
Grey Ivory Diptych

Grey and orange abstract painting diptych
Grey and Orange Diptych

In our house, the walls are all white, dark grey or mid grey and so they give a neutral background to paintings. I find the darker colours give a punchy background for the colours, they recede and the colour pops out - I'm loving this at the moment!

Trudie Moore Abstract Paintings Abstract Untitled 1
Abstract Untitled 1 against our lovely Dulux 'Bowler Hat' kitchen walls

Trudie Moore Abstract Paintings Abstract Untitled 1 on grey wall
Abstract Untitled 1 in our lounge against Valspar 'Howl at the Moon' which I picked partly for the name as it makes me think of the big dog

When there's a white wall it gives a gallery-like effect and so you get more of an impression of the painting as a piece of art, which of course is what they are, but if you really are a fan of colour I recommend trying the dark walls!

If you're feeling inspired take a look at this Pinterest board I pulled together featuring neons and bright against neutral greys

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