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Abstract Painting commission
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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Canon 7D or Nikon D300s?

It seems like a common question the more research I do - Canon or Nikon?

I'm about to finally go over to digital - apart from toying with a couple of compacts, I've not yet had a digital SLR and have been loving my old special edition Minolta Dynax 8000i in pearl white.

This camera has had some history. My Dad bought it probably about 15 years ago when it first came out and he did a few weddings with it. Then my parents were burgled and the camera went walkies - only to turn up again in the same camera shop in Brixham where it was originally bought! And so with the insurance money Dad bought it back again and continued with it for a while before passing it over to me as an upgrade for my more manual camera, a 16th Birthday present, a Minolta X300s.

I have never fully learnt how to use this camera due to my lack of patience and knowing that I can only get so much out of the film anyway, however it's done me really well and it takes the most flattering portraits, which I love. It was the first camera to start to go over to digital as it took special program cards to get special effects and sports shots. I never had any of those though so I probably only got about 20% out of it.

I will still use this camera with black and white film, but I'm increasingly wanting to take photos that are outside of the camera's exposure and lens range. So I'm about to embark on the biggest spend since I bought my car - Nikon or Canon?

I guess we will find out later today when we've been to Jessops - I have narrowed it down though - to fit my ability and budget it will either be the Canon 7D (seems to be the more sporty camera) or the Nikon D300s - sold as the more Arty camera - I think I know which I lean more towards - even though the Canon has a greater range.

I think the big nature of the spend might make me need a bank holiday drink afterwards!!