Abstract Painting commission

Abstract Painting commission
Abstract Painting Commission

Monday, 30 May 2011

The Winner

So from X300s to D300s in 20 years! I bought the Nikon, I think it will suit my style better - as high spec as the Canon is, I've been lusting after a Nikon for a couple of years and so I decided to stick with my dream and fulfil it; thank you Granny, hope your cloud's hovering over!

You may be thinking I'm slow to go digital now but being a little stubborn, I do think you can take a good photo
with any camera with half an idea of what you're doing, it's not all about the technology and having the best gear, even though that helps. I have clung on to analogue loving it's grainy softness until it came back into fashion, but the truth is I've never had the money to spend, I made the most of what I had and also this means that I've gone from 0 - 100 in one hit, this camera has to last me another 15 years now!

I am looking forward to entering a whole new world of creative possibilities with the new camera - having had a play with it and reading the quick start guide (not yet the 300 page beast that comes with it!) I've already taken a few snaps indoors in dreary low light on a cloudy wet day and have been able to hold it still with less than a 1/20th second exposure so that's going to give me so many more opportunities that I would have missed before. Once I've worked out how to download them I'll post a couple up!

So here's to enjoying the spend of a decade.